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Full Circle Equine Rehabilitation Center

Who We Are

Full Circle Equine Rehabilitation Center fills a need for both horses and people who share our community. Due to the ever increasing expense of equine ownership many horses are finding themselves in need of help and a home. The cost of participating in Equine Related Activities puts this physically and emotionally beneficial opportunity for growth and learning out of reach for many people. At Full Circle we empower people with the life skills learned through interacting with horses and each other. Introducing people to the magic of horses helps to ensure that these kind and majestic animals keep a role in our ever changing society. By having an opportunity to experience the life changing effects that occur when one individual chooses to help another the horses and people at Full Circle help each other to heal and grow. Since forming in 2013 our "Circle" has been steadily growing. Joining people and horses in need takes dedicated members of our community who also recognize the value of bringing horses and people together.

Everything has value and all are welcome to "Join Our Circle".

open House 2016

What We Do

Full Circle provides a place where horses and people can come together to learn, grow and heal. Full Circle provides scholarships for individuals, families and or groups so they may benefit through interacting with horses while also facilitating equine rescue.

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