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Spokane Community Court

Who We Are

MISSION STATEMENT The Spokane Municipal Community Court seeks to reduce and properly address quality-of-life offenses in the downtown area by utilizing a collaborative, problem-solving approach to crime. Via partnerships with numerous government, community and faith-based organizations, Community Court endeavors to hold participants accountable, address factors impacting participants’ criminal behavior, improve the quality of life in the downtown area, address victim needs, and increase public confidence in the local criminal justice system. HISTORY Spokane Municipal Community Court is a problem-solving court established by the City of Spokane’s Municipal Court in 2013 in response to the challenges faced by many of the communities in Spokane’s downtown corridors and the adjoining hospitals. Community Court seeks to achieve time-efficient misdemeanor case processing and reduce jail and emergency room usage through effective case management.

What We Do

Community Court involves the partnership and collaboration of a number of agencies and organizations. It works to hold participants accountable but also give participants the opportunity and time to correct problems that could result in dismissal of the case(s). It also works to identify and address the social service needs of participants that may underlie participants’ criminal behaviors, through social service referrals. After fully assessing an individual’s profile, including strengths and needs, Community Court explores diversion through a stipulated order of continuance or plea alternatives. Another important aspect of Community Court is the use of community service as an essential component of diversion. Community Court holds firmly to the notion that participants who are adversely affecting the quality of life of a community should give back to the community by providing community service.


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