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Who We Are

501 Commons boosts the capacity of nonprofit organizations to thrive over the long term and effectively serve the community. We offer a first stop for people looking for resources to strengthen nonprofits through high quality, affordable consulting, coaching, and training services to nonprofits, schools, and public agencies utilizing the skills of experienced volunteers.

What We Do

501 Commons provides management assistance to nonprofits and schools. Services are provided by more than 500 volunteers who are current and retired professionals from businesses, government, health care, education, and the nonprofit sector.

Members of 501 Commons’ Service Corps support nonprofits by acting as consultants on well-defined projects, facilitators of meetings, retreats, and conferences, and coaches for nonprofit leaders. Volunteers get to know the client organization, provide practical assistance with critical projects, and stay involved to make sure the organization is prepared to continue with the work once the consulting engagement is complete.

Our Service Corps program offers volunteers an opportunity to undertake new and rewarding challenges while using their professional skills to make a significant contribution to the community.


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