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Build a wheel chair ramp for visitors and repair entryway

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April 30, 2017
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10 am to 2 pm


The porch which is our front entry way needs rebuilt with a wheel chair ramp so more folks can visit us.  The dog ramp died this winter as well as the stairs so will need to replace soon.  If we had a ramp instead of steps than more folks could come out to the dog rescue and see a working rescue of 26 years in action.

Many visitors love hugging the dogs and the dogs need socializing so they accept new people and find homes.  Because we have so many visitors we placed 157 homeless dogs last year.  But with so many visitors we have damage that needs to be repaired to our entry way.  We also would like a wheel chair ramp so more folks can access our home including those with walkers or wheel chairs or crutches.  We love company and so do the dogs.  Many like visiting our farm and getting out of the city so it is a win=win for many who come out to our place for some smiles and laughs.

Do not just think we help animals here.  The dogs can;t drive themselves out to the farm.  We always help THREE families by taking in over 1,500+ homeless wieners since April 11, 1991.  The first family found their dog a home with us especially those dogs who need more training when animal shelters have to place any dogs "as is.".  The second family found space at the local animal shelters for their dogs when we had space at the dog rescue.  The third found pre-trained, guaranteed dogs.

We are always looking for dog huggers at the dog rescue from ages 8 and up as always with 3000+ visitors here a year.  



Drinks Provided Adequate Parking Family Friendly Outdoors

Additional Information

Register by Apr 30, 2017

Q: Minimum Age to Participate
A: You must be age 8 or older to participate.

Q: Minors Require an Adult
A: Yes

Q: Driving Directions
A: Located near Seven Mile. I give directions once an appointment is made for our dog rescue. I want no one bit so folks have to make appointments in advance. Emails are best to set up appointments.

Q: Plan for Bad Weather
A: Inside as well

Q: Details of Provided Drinks
A: hot and cold drinks